Milwaukee Catholic Parents Petition Archbishop to Drop Common Core

Catholic Parents Against the Common Core – In the Milwaukee Archdiocese delivered 1,000 petition signatures to Archbishop Listecki yesterday urging him to remove the Common Core from the Diocesan schools.

From their press release:

Evidence continues to emerge that Common Core State Standards represent untested, experimental standards that are threatening the independence of Catholic schools. Many Catholic parents share the sentiments of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops that the Common Core was developed for a “public school audience” and is “of its nature incomplete as it pertains to Catholic schools.”
“A Catholic school’s first priority is to get children into heaven, not Harvard. Second, to teach the children how to think, not what to think. Common Core changes the integrity of our Catholic schools making them nothing more than public schools with crucifixes, statues, and prayers.” – Heather Schweitzer
Catholic parents are frustrated that school standards were changed without adequate parental notification or input, and feel that their concerns are not being addressed by Archbishop Listecki or the Archdiocese. The other four dioceses in the state have decided to not adopt the Common Core standards. The petitioners pray that this petition will inspire the Archbishop to reverse the decision to adopt the Common Core standards in the Milwaukee Archdiocese, and to remove Common Core materials from their schools.