Professor Anthony Esolen

Common Core supporters can’t help but offer one weak, conflicting argument after another. When your position is so far from the truth, it seems to be the only available strategy. A letter sent to the US bishops, signed by 132… Read more

The Common Core is a complex issue many parents, teachers and school administrators find overwhelming. This collection of videos made available through the American Principles Project is the best source for accurate information to help in acquiring a complete understanding… Read more


In reference to the response from the architects of CCCII to the letter from 132 Catholic Scholars to the Bishops concerning the dangers of Common Core State Standards, I am compelled by deep concern to respond.. I have been studying… Read more

Cliff jump

I seem to recall a certain parental admonition from my childhood, “Just because your friend jumps off a cliff, doesn’t mean you should!”  I’m fairly certain most children have heard that refrain echoed by a caring adult at some point. … Read more


Disturbing news from the Cardinal Newman Society. Bill Gates is not content with foisting the Common Core State Standards onto public schools, but Catholic schools as well.… Read more